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Intuitive Self Care Retreat for Women


A sanctuary in the middle of the Umbrian forest...

You will be immersed in an intimate setting for 3 nights and 4 days of sacred self-care at Eremito, a modern day hermitage and luxurious eco hotel in the spiritual heart of Italy.


Nestled in 3,000 hectares of forest, the nights are deep black, the silence is dense, and the peace is palpable.  Eremito is leading the way in the digital detox phenomenon and is known for its signature silent dinner.


A Design Hotel and architectural spectacle, the simple sophistication of Eremito lends to slowing down and calming the mind. It is the perfect blend of simple luxury and uncontaminated nature to facilitate a deep connection with yourself

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... where time slows down and space opens up...

No woman needs another to do list

If taking care of yourself has become something you ‘’should’’ do or has become a list of dietary and lifestyle modifications that you find difficult to implement and maintain then I would like you to invite you into a whole new paradigm of self care.


Sanctuary Intuitive Self Care Retreat is an experiential journey in the art of intuitive living beginning with your relationship to yourself and what you need at this moment of your life. 


You will leave having offered yourself nourishment for all levels of your being as well as setting the foundation for a way of living in which self care is at the core.

... for you to fall in love with taking care of yourself


​Each aspect of Sanctuary has been thoughtfully designed for the modern, busy woman who yearns to connect with her own innate feminine wisdom and intuitive knowing.​


So how do you fall in love with taking care of yourself?


First, you let yourself 
slow down, take a deep breath,

and give yourself all the time to simply feel. 

What is here now? 

What is calling for your attention? 

What do you need?

The answers to these and all of your questions are to be found within. The voice of intuition is to be heard through your body and breath in the here and now and it will guide you towards healing and wellbeing.


Ultimately, the art of intuitive living is a way of being in this world that allows you to relax and trust in yourself and Life, becoming fully present in each moment.

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Intuitive self care holds the frequency of ease and abundance.

When living in presence, then we are truly living:

alive, spontaneous, and in flow.


Learning to hear and rely on your intuition as a guide to self care is inherently relaxing and full of ease.  The old paradigm of looking outside of yourself to experts, books, techniques, etc falls away and with it the frequency of scarcity that says you don’t have what you need, you don’t have enough, you are not enough as you are.

You have enough and you are enough.

Your intuitive knowing connects you to a source of deeper intelligence and will guide you each step of the way. 

The concept of Sanctuary is an exploration and invocation of what it means to truly love and care for Self - and to live guided by your intuitive inner wisdom. 


The intention of this retreat is to plant these seeds and create a foundation from which self-care becomes a moment to moment practice - intuitive, adaptable, and as unique as you are - a way to live and breathe in harmony with nature and in reverence for this sacred life.

Green Tiles

Our exploration of Intuitive Self Care will include

  • How to cultivate and trust our intuition as the basis of true self care

  • How to increase your body literacy (interoception) so you can receive intuitive guidance through your body

  • How to rebuild your relationship to your body based on trust and respect

  • How to work with challenging mental and emotional states such as anxiety, fear,  and overwhelm and allow them to guide your intuitive self care journey

  • How to cultivate witness consciousness for deep inner listening

  • How to regulate your nervous system

  • How to allow use stress, emotional triggers, illness, and life challenges as doorways to deeper connection to Self 

  • How to identify the conditioning that  blocks you from following your intuition as well as steps to free yourself from outdated mental programs

  • How to connect to and honor your womb wisdom

  • Space for sacred silence to observe and process

  • Sustainable movement practices that nourish your body and being

  • Restorative practices that recalibrate the nervous and endocrine systems

  • Consciously connecting to Nature for intuitive guidance and healing

What you can expect during the retreat

  • Embodiment Practices such as yoga, breathwork, & conscious movement 

  • Inner work practices such as inquiry & writing

  • Active & Still Meditations 

  • Theoretical & Experiential group sessions

  • Wilderness Practices to connect with the healing power of Nature in the wild beauty of the surrounding forests

  • Nourishing and delicious plant based meals

  • Eremito's signature Silent Dinner

  • Ample time for rest, integration, and sleep

  • Daily access to the jacuzzi and steam bath  

  • Being held in a community of supportive women

  • Digital Detox ** (more details below)


Digital Detox at Eremito

Eremito does not have wifi or televisions on the premises and is a leader in the digital detox movement. Eremito guests who need to use their phones are encouraged to go to an outdoor spot away from common areas and use cellular data to do so.  


Taking a digital detox can be a very important part of self care for multiple reasons.  First, tech overload is a major cause of stress, anxiety, and sleep problems in the modern day.  While technology addiction is not (yet) formally classified as a disorder, we are all more or less addicted to our phones and computers. Digitally detoxing allows us to have a break  from the information input overload which has mental, emotional, and physical benefits. It also facilitates feeling and connecting to ourselves which is an important part of getting in touch with our intuition and inner guidance. 


While it will not be mandatory for retreat participants to turn in their phones, we will offer this option to those who would like this support in their digital detox.  Please know that if you choose this option and you have children at home, you can request your phone back  to call your children each day.  Also you can always be reached via Eremito’s landline at any time. 


Your Guide

Sheila Chacko

Yoga and meditation teacher, holistic counselor with a focus on somatics & systemic family constellations, and specialist in women’s spirituality. A yogini of 20 years Sheila considers the wisdom of direct experience to be the most potent teacher and she empowers her students and clients to hone their skills of inner listening to be able to tap into their own inner guidance and power.


With Indian and American origins, she is literally a bridge between the East and West and her work is a testament to the harmonious blending of Eastern spiritual teachings on awareness and western psychological and somatic approaches. 


She is the mother of two children and considers mothering to be one of her greatest teachers.  She lives with her family in Umbria, Italy.

Where you will stay

The Eremito is a modern day hermitage and luxurious eco hotel in the spiritual heart of Italy, Umbria, approximately half-way between Rome and Florence. Nestled in 3,000 hectares of forest, the nights are deep black, the silence is dense, and the peace is palpable.


Eremito is leading the way in the digital detox phenomenon and is known for its signature silent dinner. A Design Hotel and architectural spectacle, the simple sophistication of Eremito lends to slowing down and calming the mind. We are so pleased to be hosting this retreat at Eremito as it is the truly perfect place to support the inner journey we will take together.

Green Tiles


Date: September 26th-29th ,  2024


- A pre-retreat group video meeting to prepare and initiate the journey

- A post-retreat group video meeting for integration and follow-up

- Full board for 3 nights and 4 days.

- All teaching & practice sessions. 

- A ‘’celluzza’’ with private bathroom (shower/toilet)

- 3 Vegetarian meals per day with organic products grown on site or locally

- Free daily access to the Relax Area (SPA) Turkish bath and Jacuzzi. Robes & slippers included.

- Transfer in jeep (700 m) from parking point if you arrive by car

- Service and 10% Vat


Travel costs & tourist tax (€ 2) are not included.

Single and double room options available.

Inquire below to receive pricing & registration details.


Places are limited to ensure an intimate setting for deep work, claim your space now

Inquiries & Registration

Contact & Book
  • What is the best way to get to Eremito?
    By car, Eremito is located approximately 30 minutes from the Fabro exit off the A1 highway. By train, the stop is Fabro-Ficulle. By air it is best to fly into Rome. From the airport you can reach Eremito easily by train to Fabro-Ficulle or rental car. From the Rome airport take the shuttle train from the Airport to Roma Termini (25min) and then take a train from Roma Termini to Fabro-Ficulle. It departs every 2 hours (1.30min).
 When you arrive in Fabro-Ficulle, Eremito staff will come to pick you up by car, €40 each way (25min). Once you are on your train from Roma Termini please call Eremito to let them know of your exact arrival time so pickup can be arranged from the station. Private transfer is also available for a fee from Rome airport
  • What is provided on site?
    - yoga mat, blocks, and meditation cushions - A robe, pair of flip-flops, and towels will be provided in your room for use in the - Jacuzzi and Steam Bath - a small hair dryer in the room - shampoo & body wash
  • What should I bring?
    - your personal yoga mat if you prefer - hiking shoes and/or rain boots (can be quite muddy after a rainfall) - warm clothes for walking in the woods to keep you dry and warm - comfortable layered clothing for yoga and other indoor movement practices - bathing suit for jacuzzi - small thermos or water bottle - notebook & pen - toiletries & personal pharmacy items
  • Will it be cold inside the structure?
    The Eremito has in-floor heating throughout and is always warm and cozy. But as it will be the middle of winter please bring multiple layers of clothing.
  • What should I know about the Digital Detox aspect of this retreat?
    Eremito is a Digital Detox hotel. There is no wifi and no televisions and guests are asked not to use technology in common areas. The idea is to ‘disconnect to reconnect’ to the essential Self. There are some areas in the gardens around Eremito where you can pick up a cell phone and 4G signal for checking in with family etc. If need be you can also give our landline number to your loved ones +39 0763 891 010. But it is also a good idea to let people know that digital detox is part of the retreat process you are in and that you will not be available as usual.
  • Do I have to turn in my phone during the retreat?
    No, this is not a requirement, but it is an option for those who would like to do a complete digital detox and be supported in the process. If you choose this option, you will turn in your phone during the opening circle and it will be kept in a safe until the end. If you choose this option, and have children, it is possible to have access to your phone to connect with them each day. If you do not choose the option to turn in your phone, you will be asked to keep your phone out of all shared spaces and to use it discreetly away from common spaces and retreat activities out of respect for those who will be doing a full digital detox.
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